Bi-Monthly Grocery Shopping Trip

Emotional drain
Complaints listen
Reactions refrain

Disinfect cart
Proceed down aisles
Direction arrows mark

Fools refuse abide
Mask wearers shock
Sad no where to hide

Paper goods bare
Question store clerk
Status future up in air

Social isolation in place
Somehow sudden loss faith
As new norm population face

Supermarket ‘n errands
Once routine turn distress
Thankful return own safe haven




Supermarket Shock

S uddenly amidst florals face-to-face
U nusual chatterbox foot taller stands
P rogrammed robotic store’s spill locater
E choes messages loud clearly understood
R einforcements human scene appear
M eticulously attend to problem on hand
A nxious shoppers curious ’bout mechanism
R eminisce betwixt site before eyes
K indhearted welcomer lacking body parts
E nsures safety of stores thousands shoppers
T ransmission synchronized remarkably reliable.

©  2019 June Quintin




Typical Afternoon

Tis hot and humid outdoors 90 plus degrees
Sad I sweat windows down can't afford fix A/C

Transfer dollars bank to bank require usage ATM
Bank lobby men 'end of life' converse morbid Amen

Survival overheard gruesome details kept lunch down
Afternoon agenda shop closest supermarket hometown 

Slowly walk pushing basket up and down crowded aisles
Realization community frowners missing beautiful smiles

Six self-checkout machines non-stop spurt directions
Quick irritant customers chastise speak loud objections

Groceries onboard vehicle low mileage popular model SUV
Drive home low on gas unknown whereabouts station attendee

Grocery purchases unpacked safe cupboards some fridge stored 
Quiet time access PC mailroom partake personal beverage reward  

Surprise! Surprise! Excessive amount mail awaits thou view
Leave bulk of laughable contents another day posts in review. 

Fun choice write 'bout laughable afternoon excursion
Experimental follower count reader like versus aversion

Struggle feel abundance rejection writers certain face 
Older folk sad apparent limitation amidst beloved human race.

© 2018 June Quintin


Scenic country drive destination writers' favorite local mall bookstore
Arrival find surprising succinct message sign hanging front closed doors
Unable gain access search shelves for discounts thanks to posted deadline
Quick think pulse surge rush thru mall's main aisle shop sip glass red wine. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Mind Reset

Aging test
Words best

Festive learn
Forgetful churn

Words unheard
Reader concurs

Dictionaries use
Definitions muse

Notes taken
Avoid mistaken

Paper clutter
Desktop what're

Problem solver
Purchase blogger

Shop Walmart
Placement cart

Journal nice
Discern price

Top shelf
Treat self

Walk aisles
Watchful eye

Colorful ink
Think pink

Grammar lover
Early discover

Writing hobby
Enjoyable therapy

Tomorrow embark
Vocabulary question-mark.

© 2018 June Quintin

Colorful ‘n Hilarious Bargain

Guilty pleasure
Comical treasure

Change purse eye
Poop emojis LOL cry

Fashionable timesaver
Organizational behavior

Purchase payment cash
Loose change place crash

Previous locate spare coins
Bottom handbag sections join

Denominations pennies thru quarters
Problem resolver quick monetary clutter

Amazement precious time humans sacrifice
Senseless search items continuance exercise.

© 2018 June Quintin 


Improvement recollect situation
Dollar store bargain fluorescents

Self-stick note flags 100 'n count
Problem solver quick access obtain

Shortcut to 'favs' - last page trace read
Path marv' inexpensive colorful bookmarkers

Unique technique easily reader navigates
Supplement or replacement bright highlighters

All that's left final step timesaver access
Chosen colors book types 'n genres flag process

Wholly engaged language creativity
Oblivious outside weather turn gloom

Small wonder words appearance similarity
Thanks darkness' n torrential rain mid-afternoon.

© 2017 June Quintin

Smile – Tis Holiday Season

Morning shopping department store
Conversation overheard
Woman's complaint holiday season
No longer fun anymore totally understood

Festive times family celebrations spiritual
Thru years rapidly changed too commercial
Remembrance days filled wrapped presents
Ad display gift certificates season understatement

Now upfront store's pharmacy checkout counter
Clerk apologetic problem lack of dollar bills cash
Near whispered comment quarters acceptable 'n fine
Awareness new-hired cashiers season stressful time

High percentage seniors pleasant demeanor embrace
Amidst technology's e'er constant fast change pace
Attitude transform frown to smile free idea in place
Readiness spirit joyful holiday season undertake.

© 2017 June Quintin