Six Sentence Stories

Prompt: energy

Recent times the daily to-do list created by me then placed early morn on the kitchen
table lacks lines crossed out for completed tasks.
Although I begin the day with good intentions sidetracking often interferes with plans
when out of nowhere the silent time robber makes an appearance.
Problematic technology has made it near impossible to exist in this world unless one
cooperates via updates and upgrades to their equipment.
As the world turns the population tis projected to reach eight billion (8 billion) this
year, 2022.
Imagine the changes both positive and negative which will occur moving forward
in the future.
Frustrated I took a drive to the coffee shop, purchased a medium-sized coffee hopeful
time away from the computer screen and a hot brew would help replenish my waning
energy only when I arrived back home, I accidentally hit the styrofoam cup and the
car’s driver’s seat drank most of my caffeine. 😥😥