Budgeting Time

Taking time away from blogging has been beneficial.

Thru what to me seems like a reading marathon I learned
it was okay to be on this vacation of sorts.

I’m thankful for the Libby app where I can read both books
and magazines for free.

My chosen selections ranged from thrillers to spiritual and
winded down with a short story collection about ordinary

Frequenting social media (sites I prefer and like) I reconnected
with nature.

I look forward to my daily check-ins on two fav chipmunks plus
chirping birds found on Instagram and YouTube.

Similar to meditation learned from the Calm app, I discovered
the benefits of watching my chosen critters each day.

Viewing short clips and videos of these critters and special
moments taped throughout their days reduced my level of stress.

Podcasts became a new interest of mine and crazy as it may seem
to others I followed the cheating scandal that evolved on a popular
reality show.

To sum this post up I can honestly say if a person takes the time to
appreciate whatever appears before them they’ll never experience
a deficit in topics to write about.

Social Network

Description friend – frenemy personality
Reference icons cell phone screen display

Apps social media sites full to capacity
User celebrity status versus wan-na-bee

Individual scribblers prefer access popular
Nerdish building blocks makings of scholar

Word Hippo – Thesaurus – Grammarly freebies
Forever grateful usances fer writers’ community

Permission to Relax

Lack sunshine current mood ~ creation dismal
Snow follows rain indoors psyche lackadaisical

Whene’er day commence social media agitation
Expect impossible usage writer’s skills conclusion

Stressfulness behind me ~ relaxation time ahead me
Mug hot chocolate whipped cream atop hopeful be

Troublesome paperwork disorganization strike outs
Attitude production quality over quantity roundabout

Sunday Poser #65

Today’s prompt deals with the topic of advertisements.

Announcements ~ usually via appearance entice people

to make purchases.

With age comes wisdom and I’ve learned tis best to

conduct research of certain items prior to purchase.

Don’t be shy ~ ask questions.

There’s no harm ~ remember adage, ‘never judge a book by its

cover’ as products which appear to be great deals often result in

major disappointments.

A frugal gal, I stick to my old favorites.

Whenever there’s need for a brand-new item I ask others

for their opinions and look to Google for pros and cons,

the process of comparison shopping.

TV ~ I cancelled it three months ago due to high price and

lack of quality show selections.

Believe me this decision was made 100 percent tougher when

dealing with the customer service representatives as it appears

they are trained to sell upgrades and frown on downgrades.

As for social media I may view an advertisement; however, I know

it’s wiser to make my own personal decision based on actual need

rather than be coerced especially to people-please another person.


A Most Ungrateful Woman

The suggestion to limit time spent on social media

on my self-care journey has worked wonders for me.

Minimalization a.k.a. de-clutter – a 30-day challenge.

Although I did delete apps I didn’t wish to trash my

personal work.

On Facebook I deactivated two specific pages. One

showed transferred blogging posts and the other

years of items crafted.

My budgeted allowance is 30 minutes each morn.

I begin by tending to my Fairyland in memory of

garden app (12 years, 3 months old) then scan the

notifications from my hometown groups (good to

remain knowledgeable ’bout current local events).

Next and last is a quick scroll of the newsfeed with

a limit of ten post reads.

This morn I was flabbergasted. I sat closer to the

laptop’s screen in order to re-read a post written

IMO by a most ungrateful woman. I suppose she

was looking for sympathy from other women.

I rarely comment on posts like these in groups.

Avoid drama!

The content of the post – several paragraphs

with regard to her husband’s increased

workload (40 to 60 hours) due to the Pandemic.

This woman, a widow after 43 years of marriage

within two years found a man who doesn’t smoke

nor drink and actually WORKS.

She was considering leaving him since quality

time shared was now a bare minimum of three

hours each evening (supper and watching TV).

Ladies made comments only they were totally

opposite of what she appeared to be in search


The post had been up for an hour when the

administrator suddenly shut it down.

I wonder if this woman would like to endure

the alternative, ‘living alone’.

Self-Love Lists – Good Records

Old folks often experience short-term memory loss.

I’m sure there’s many medical reasons for this pattern.

How strange me, myself and I have no problem

recollecting every detail of events which took place

decades ago; however, without a list I tend somehow

to quickly forget portions of important stuff hence

the need for me to compose a list – make that plural.

Sharing from my journal entries today, I bring you

a Self-assessment list of ways to show myself love.

  1. reading the workbook
  2. completing the written exercises
  3. eating healthier – cooking for one fun
  4. try to get enough rest
  5. participate more in my hobbies
    (I selected seven)

Number ‘seven’ was to limit time on social media.

Old habits are hard to break and although I followed

through even deleting some apps, I still have the

desire – the curiosity to view virtual friends I made

throughout the years and watch inspirational videos.

Today I had to brave a crowded supermarket amid

the current Covid surge since my locale is about to

be hit by a Northeaster starting in the early hours

of Friday morn.

After lunch I accessed my phone and watched some

reels, a video creation on my to-learn list.

One video was about ‘God and Your Call’ and

how he designed me and all aspects of my

life. The inspirational message ended with the

the following: ‘Until you walk into the fullness of

the thing you were created for you’ll be frustrated’,


These words, quite profound, didn’t exactly resonate

with me 100 percent and suddenly I became somber

pondering ‘the whys’.

It would have been wonderful to be born into a loving

family with some wealth.

Would I have been happier? Would I have been

blessed with more opportunities? Who knows?

Born into an extremely poor dysfunctional household,

moving past the negatives to creation of a decent life

only to have it taken away leaving me an emotional

prisoner, who do I thank.

Unfortunately for the viewer, some inspirational

messages can trigger a depressive mood.

I’ve learned to dismiss the intrusive thoughts

and keep the positive ones since all aren’t

exactly relatable to me.

I guess this is progress in my self-love journey.

Quick fact:

Grief isn’t always related to death. A shame more

people don’t understand there are more than 40

life events that cause grief. Lucky me, I’ve

experienced all of them.

A n x i e t y

A pprehension (fear that something unpleasant about to happen) creates

N ervousness (state of constantly being nervous / on guard) happens

X actly (precise response evil doers wish for innocents) following

I rritable (annoyed from reading news articles actual facts unknown) decision

E nthusiasm (skills personal start-the-day best used elsewhere) happiness

T ake-charge (mode daily behavior mood control whatever) depends

Y earning (desire feelings of peacefulness thru other venues) social media good-bye

Personal Social Media Trail

I find it quite interesting when the first post on one’s daily newsfeed is a share counting

backwards the previous 10 years.

Who knew?

Posts this day – personal social media a decade stored to review.

Memory lane – 3 years ago – stressed and overwhelmed:

If it feels wrong – DON’T do it!

Don’t try to be a ‘people pleaser’.

And don’t be afraid to say ‘NO’.

Stay away from drama and negativity.

From time to time just stop to ‘breathe’.

Accept that you ‘can’t’ control everything.

Never speak bad about yourself. 

Love 🙂

After careful review of the above list I realized ‘yes’ I’d changed during

the past few years. 

I previously was my own worst critic – not anymore though.






The Monday Peeve 8

Topic: Social Media

Earlier this morn I signed into one of my Facebook accounts. 

Technology sucks! 

No I don’t wish to read posts from October 31st.

Nor do I wish to read a person’s unpenned book – you know the one where he /she

seeks self-pity via a drama cover only fails to include pages of text. 

Day’s time precious
Notifications unread
Logged out quickly fled