She was age 56 and she didn’t look her age.

Retired and in a relationship with a man much younger she found herself
trying to fill up her days while her partner was at work.

Her new schedule consisted of 2 days working with a personal trainer at
the local gym, an afternoon quilting class mid-week plus one day to be
devoted to weekly chores.

She pondered ‘what to do’ on the extra day.

Skimming through the senior center’s monthly newsletter she decided on
the activity, Bingo.

Now the fun begins for the gal who suffers from anxiety and depression,
who doesn’t know a soul at the senior center.

She signs in, purchases 4 Bingo cards to use. At twenty-five cents per card
she thinks this is quite a bargain for a morning of fun with potential for win.

As she scans the large room to find an empty table, a man arises from his seat
to question the Activity Director.

“What is she doing here?”

Answer to him:  “Being age 56 she’s allowed as the minimum age requirement
is 55.”

At the end of the morning the Activity Director approached the new Bingo player
sharing the man’s inquisitiveness.

“Really, what woman claims to be older than her age”, a statement to which both
ladies shared a good chuckle.

The newbie was taken back a bit by the man’s question, one she’d heard before
in life, one which didn’t exactly sit well as who likes to feel unwanted without
valid reason.

It wasn’t her fault she looked younger in years; she’d led a healthy lifestyle.

To fix the issue the ‘older in years’ male had with her becoming a new member
she did a little ‘Tit-for-Tat’.

Each Thursday thereafter after purchase of her Bingo cards she made a point to
wish the man a cordial good morning followed by lovely day, 100% positivity.

True, twas a bit of quid pro quo.  In retrospect, me thinks one’s gotta love the
woman’s tactics dealing with the squawker.

Writing Prompt Day 31 – Strawberry Freezies

Summer day
Outdoor temps scorching hot
Lawn chairs important seek shady spot

Hostess prep
Strawberry Freezies pastel pink
Smooth tasty refreshing ice cold drinks

Friends arrive
Relaxation time
Table setting exotic isles

Ladies sip drinks take turns talk
Bout places ne'er seen clock tick tocks
Time lapse
Afternoon social winding down
Guests freezie recipe ask of hostess smiles no frowns.

© 2019 June Quintin
July 2019 Writing Prompts


Fast-paced gambling fun
Secure a seat c'mon

Bring a sharpie or personal dauber
Game winner numbered card covers

Attendance usual public activity halls
Enthusiasm winds down game coverall

Recreational weekend event funeral parlor host
Free games, free pizza 'n beverages void ghosts

Anxious moments, memories personal, untold overcame
Participants chose afternoon fun nonetheless remain sane. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Waiting on Heaven


Life exists daily basis
What to do, remember faces

Goals been met
One possible yet

Learn 'bout fun apps tech
Listen, trial plus error perfect

Attempt find suitable companion 
Reality unsuccessful compatible land-in

Alone write poems for therapy
Articles, magazines and shelf good reads

Book purchase or occasional library borrow
Romantic poetry and novel lines follow

Dear friends passed on
New acquaintances fun

Enjoyment participate activities
Smorgasbord interesting lovely ladies

Mass pray, sit and think what lies ahead
Unknowns capable do before pronounced dead

Attend weekly meeting few days ago
LCR game play dice around table flow

Day's guest supply women with dollars
Lucky winner gal's purse 10 xs 4 fuller

Speaker group suicide prevention support Samaritans
Informative spoke search volunteers telephones man

Listen depressed callers speak circumstances emotional
Seeking acceptance another human non-critical social

Individuals ignorant flaunt 'have it all' attitude
Lack empathy towards their fellow man's life solitude

Often times life for some certainly appear quite unfair
People wish hear details like spread gossip rarely care

Wise people learn valuable life lesson
Dumb ones brag 'bout worldly possessions

In the end the latter find unable take
Assets to their thousands dollars wake

What's left behind for loved ones cherish
Time well spent and love given prior perish

Unbelievable today wrote semi-morbid poem
Recent events appear set off internal alarm

Like me, Love me or Leave me Alone
People pleaser's final thoughts depart room. 

© 2018 June Quintin