SoCS: July 11th 2020

Today’s prompt: first pic followed by song

Yesterday when I read this prompt I looked at an incoming cell phone message

from an app I’ve been a member of for over two years. 

A new broadcaster who is up and coming on the app daily sings country music 

in his video clips. 

I attempted to find an appropriate song on YouTube only I find I need to learn much

more than how to transfer as I listened to the tune I wished only no idea as to how 

to stop more songs. 

Rather than delete this post I shall allow viewers to listen to “Like a Cowboy”

and turn off the remainder of songs. 

Technology is far from easy – once you learn the correct pathways you’re 

all set. 

More research – more how DIYs – not enough time to keep up and learn all 


I shall continue to remain positive as I seek out the answers to questions. 

SoCS: July 11th 2020


SoCS – May 9th 2020

Prompt: cave

Man cave
Solitude retreat wink
Interesting design think

Location cave
Den or basement indoors
Garage possible shed outdoors

Place pursue hobbies
Cigarettes smoke – beer drink
N’er complaints flatulence stink

Liken to female’s sewing room
Crafts handmade void interference
Cup coffee – glass wine – man cave similar reference

man cave - 2 (2)

SoCS: May 9th 2020

SoCS: May 2, 2020

Prompt: directions

Spray screen from 6 – 8 inches away
Require usage lint-free cloths store display

Container bottle four fluid ounces
Satisfaction – renew later date announces

Good idea clean work computer screens
Few moments task each day become routine

Bottle read 100 percent satisfaction guarantee
Purchase packaged supply for home computer ‘n TV

SoCS: May 2, 2020

SoCS: April 18th 2020

Today’s prompt: – practice

Worldwide crisis

Social media’s posts consist
Numerous complaints constant
Read difficult times food banks low
Then inconceivable follow

Bragger dine fresh lobsters show
Friend’s cute pig video clip
Winner battle cookies chocolate chips
Oh no!
Computer tech glitch
Message received prior page flip
Those fail practice common sense
Eat too often outgrow clothes wear
Pics posts
Battle of Bulge spare tires betwixt compare

Pig 2 (2)

SoCS: April 18th 2020




SoCS: 4-11-2020 – Joint

Senior citizen
420 friendly ‘joint‘ smoke ne’er
Stress release write post imperative

Considerate me always
Gathered ‘portion’ weekly laundry
Unexpected complex washing machine hungry

Fed six quarters inside required slots
Back upstairs additional few items thee forgot 
Downstairs realize water pressure low solution sought

Stood there fifteen minutes more
Opening and closing washer’s cover door
Irksome method allow enter trickling water

Clothes washed placed in dryer
Remain calm knowledgeable retiree
No point stress-out wish known issue prior

Minutes ahead timer on await clothes retrieve
Thankful quick find funky sewing site, ah mind appease
Scanned instructions soft toy doll arms ‘n legs together sew button ‘joint‘ definite easy

SoCS: 4-11-2020 – Joint



SoCS: April 4th 2020 – ~Deep~

Satan’s dark ‘deep’ abyss
Unfathomable nationwide crisis
Record time constant reads catastrophic

Facebook’s social media bloggers aware
Memories appear same date previous years
Portions graduating in ’60s classmate’s newsfeed post bit revised chose share 

In My State:

Shelter in Place was mandated March 2020.

The price of gasoline is now $1.87 per gallon.

School is cancelled currently through May 4th with possibility of longer timespan.

Teachers and students connect thru Google Classroom, Google Meet and Zoom.

Self-distancing measures are on the rise.

Blue tape adorns floors of supermarkets, pharmacies and essential stores still open

in hopes of distancing shoppers (6 feet apart).

There’s only a limited amount of shoppers allowed inside stores at a time. Others are

forced to wait in line outside.

Non-essential businesses and stores mandated closed.

All sports and entertainment events cancelled.

The county parks are open for walking – beware of the ‘coyotes’ in town.

Children’s playgrounds closed.

No gatherings of 50 or more have been reduced to 10.

Churches closed – no services other than those offered designated time online.

There’s a shortage of masks, gowns and gloves for front-line workers.

A shortage of ventilators exists for those critically ill. 

Panic buying set in early-on and now there’s a shortage of toilet paper,

paper towels, hand sanitizer, laundry soap and disinfecting supplies.

A number of aisles in stores are bare.

People whose job allows are working from home.  

There’s an alarming number of layoffs – unemployment skyrockets.

Essential service workers are terrified to go to work.

Medical workers are afraid to go home to their families.

People wear gloves and masks outdoors.

My town with a population upwards of 16,000 looks like a ghost town.

The list continues – for me the last line typed sums up the ‘deep’ dark

concern of what lies ahead.

I’ve read with both disbelief and understanding how there’s a strong 

possibility that doctors are going to make the call on who to treat and  

and who to let die. 

SoCS: April 4th 2020 – ~Deep~