SoCS – February 22nd 2020

Today’s prompt: animal sounds

This morn I accessed Facebook to find ‘surprise choice’ create a new look.

When I clicked to view info in my hometown group I was flabbergasted at

pics one resident took of a coyote ‘too close for comfort’ and so I read ALL

the comments.

It seems there’s been an increase in coyote sightings in the historic district.

Lovely, besides squirrels, skunks wandering through the park that borders

my apartment complex – a new concern worry about coyotes – dare I walk

to the library or post office.

Irk! Irk!

Coyote in Hometown (2)

No thanks to usual daily walk thru center of town and down the bike path.

It seems coyotes are NOT nocturnal and town residents have been asked

to refrain from calling for assistance unless the coyote appears aggressive.


For twenty-five years I lived in the countryside amidst pine trees and forest

animals. I wonder why never once did I see a coyote which resembles a wolf.

An internet search on coyote sounds found:

  • Bark
  • Howl
  • Huff
  • Wimper
  • Whines
  • Yelps
  • Yipps

I came to the conclusion: safer to drive to all destinations – access the gym for


Perhaps time for sign:

coyote alert (2)

SoCS – February 22nd 2020



SoCS February 8th 2020

Today’s prompt:  pack or unpack

I view the words and moving comes to mind – a non-reality for me.


I don’t know how ‘to lie’.

Values instilled from youth passed onto my children backfired again.

I took the time to fill out the forms and told the damn truth.

For what?

Paperwork stamp ‘rejected’ – reason: income above guideline cap.


It seems a slight increase to my fixed income placed me in the category of non-eligible

for any form of assistance.

Taken away from me my $16.00 per month in food stamps along with my fuel 


Each time I tried to get onboard with regard to employment – I wasn’t poor 

enough for the programs. 


The system stinks if you are an honest person with a conscience.

Months after my housing application was filed away I learned the income guideline

had increased by thousands and my fixed income now fell far below.

Funny I never read of this change and an internet search proved fruitless.

I’ve questioned a few as to when the cap was raised only to date no answers.

So I re-applied and wait and pray moving day arrives before my expiration date. 

In awe I sit – wonder – trying to ‘unpack‘ my suitcase of unmentionable thoughts.

To date I’ve lived with hope and faith in humans only recently have come to the

realization: “never expect others to act in the same mannerisms as you”.

Thus this people-pleaser made the decision to pack it in and change over from nice  

to not-nice = a self-help process that teaches one to be real while still remaining 

an honest and truthful person.

Tis official it’s fine to  pack the right to speak up rather than remain quiet and

suffer in silence into my backpack.

A new attitude – good intentions – process of deletion of all negatives – doable. 

SoCS February 8th 2020






SocS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th

Last cell phone conversation:

I answered an incoming call from a local area code. 

The caller began with a polite ‘Good Morning’ and  ‘how are you’.

He introduced himself and stated his agency’s name.

Next followed a question with regard to my seeking gainful employment.

When I informed the man I didn’t leave my name nor sign up anywhere he . . .

Surprise: CLUNK 

No explanation or sorry to have bothered you this early in the day rather  

totally unexpected  100 percent Rudeness.

I vowed to never answer another call from any number not in my contact list.

Self-talk: “If a call is of utmost importance then caller can leave a voice mail.”


Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

SoCS and JusJoJan – Jan. 25th

SoCS plus JusJoJan – Jan 18th

Today’s Prompt:  Movie Title

Confession: rarely frequent a movie theater
Confession: don’t subscribe to movie channels

These days TV selections consist mostly of reality shows.

Think! Think! Think!

Dirty Dancing – Coyote Ugly – Platoon

The three above mentioned are favorites I’ve watched several times.

I relate best to movies of the Vietnam era, genuine talent and comedy.

Oh dear!

The prompt was ‘most recent’ not ‘favorite(s)’.

People know me to be a most frugal female who prefers to remain indoors

evenings and enjoy my own healthy inexpensive popcorn and healthy

fruit-mixed beverages.

Yes, there are nights I choose to  grab the remote and scan the channel

lineup in search of a program to watch until time for bed.

I frequent roughly ten channels and on occasion I’m fortunate – time to

binge-watch Tyler Perry’s movies.

Sad to admit thanks to senior moments I don’t remember titles.

Madea – I do remember since she is always quite hilarious.

And as I’ve heard and read ‘laughter’ is good medicine.


Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

JusJoJan plus SoCS – Jan. 18th



SoCS Jan. 11th – JusJoJan

Today = First 3 words on random page: As soon as

As soon as I complete my homework on self-publishing I hope to place the title of

author following my name.

I once was Miss – thirty-five years Mrs. – then Ms. 

My tenure of life’s resume is fairly long and if I shared this I would consider myself

to suddenly have become a bragger of sorts.

I’ve set my goal – hope to attain it – shall work hard – try my best – hope for success. 

Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

SoCS Jan. 11th – JusJoJan