Can You Hear Me Now??

I don’t think I’ve been so frustrated as I am with today’s technology!!!!

You take a few days or weeks hiatus and you come back faced with quite

the challenge.

Wait a moment add an ‘s’ and make challenge plural CHALLENGES!!

All set to write I took a picture on my cell phone of a Sony Digital Voice


Yeah, today I don’t have to search for a picture. WRONG!!

Fine next idea try and find one by utilizing the search – HA, HA, HA!!

Exact four words ‘Sony Digital Voice Recorder’ and up pops captures of

every item possible ‘other‘ than a recorder.

Wow, look at those cell phones, selfie rings, keyboards, digital tapes,

microphones, etc.

Somehow I managed to brave this disappointing journey and ‘NOT‘ scream

out loud.

Who needs this stress??

Frustrated as a word I refrain from typing, I’ll finish up and leave this place.

I need to go for a walk before I open up the box containing said recorder.

Quick view – conclusion likelihood of more frustration ahead a ‘nine out

of tenfor the afternoon.

Do manufacturers of tech do this on purpose? I wonder if they’re in

cahoots with optometrists.

The wording is so small one needs a powerful magnifying glass.

Imagine I typed a ‘vent’ post without uttering a single word.

Somehow I practiced self-control therefore ‘NO‘ you didn’t hear me scream.

RDP Monday: Jumble

Chaotic rooms

Environment jumble

Disorganized mess

Untidy collections

Importance address

Facial scowl

Necessary limit

Choose one-a-day

Clearance jumble


The Anxiety Girl – Woman

Age fit second title category
Sufferer of generalized anxiety

Fear and anxiousness outcome 
Early warning signs miss overcome

Genetic disposition habit worry
Aware today not bad or less worthy

Years perfectionist people-pleaser
Discover mindfulness stress reliever

To those make reference damaged goods
Lessons learn 'bout should-would-could

Majority gossipers ne'er walks in shoes
Message careful one day misfortune greet you. 

© 2018 June Quintin

What-d’you-call it?

An interesting gizmo
Plug-in outlet show
Wooden access door
Not-in-usage plug store

Sufficient forethought
Follow path disconnect
Daily dose emotional distress
Time allotment acquiesce

Internet relationship fraught
Connection tensions brought
Decision spare time better spent
Creative projects 'Hello' Pinterest.

© 2018 June Quintin

Let’s Begin Process Shredding Stress

Clockwise forward life turns
Constant intrusive thoughts churn

Continuous plague torture clutter
Transcend mind free forever suffer

Projection database collection memory
Choose positivity over distress negativity

Remove stone blocks 'n rewind ticking clock
Curb fueling nonessentials painful unlocks

Discovery new technique internet post
Few days practice hopeful master most

Aging years memories good 'n bad luck
Nights alone age seventy-one true suck

Final good-bye grudges no heart-space store
Proceed success manage close specific doors.

© 2018 June Quintin

Hello Vacation!

Daily grind
Crucial kind

Survival dependence
Visible attendance

Refrain berserk
Tedious work

Feign sick
Out-of-date trick

Personal request
Best interest 

Expectations reflect
Schedule conflict

Bass fish
Grant wish

Return whenever
Paycheck forever.

© 2018 June Quintin

Laughter – Good Therapy

Laughter therapy absolute humorous
Usages health improvement numerous

Start day's personal laughter journey
Internet search robotic images convey

Awesome cute green software installer
Tablet's extraterrestrial update caller

Uncertain description alien creature
Comparison cartoonlike screen features

Perhaps another galaxy's animated form
Version persona robot versus sci-fi alien

Half hour scrolling pages n'er locate PC nerd
Joyful sounds laughter human's mouth heard

Little guy sportin' smile 'n working antennae
Over abundance space friends laptop pixel panacea

Species space marine emoticons hilarious comedy
Instantaneous cure human emotional stress da day

Facilitator overall health 'n wellness laughter
Favorite several pages day's reference thereafter.

© 2018 June Quintin 

Daily Prompt: Prefer

Anxiety lacks face
Avoidance path's trace
Location nowhere
Occurrence anywhere
Gradual evolvement
Simple to complex
Sufferers complaint
Mental duress 
Unknown outcome
Advancement progress
Anxiety superpower 
Dislike taste
Refusal cower
Preference empower
Scenario waive
Alternate route pave
Remembrance plant germinate
Beautiful wild flowers create
Learn methods differentiate
Stress less 
Okay not people please
Less pressure 
Overwhelm constraint foreign
Solace sought within
Preference for happiness begins
Breathe in
Breathe out
Let painting start
Push away anxiety's door!


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