Stroll Down Memory Lane

Thursday afternoon
teleported back to past
twenty-first July

a special broadcast
AM radio station
50s-night event

hours sat, listen
tunes favorites reflect days
carefree teen onetime

mug root beer soda
full bowl cheese flavored popcorn
refreshments supra

attendance price free
comforts home, relaxation
reminisce costless

Why Didn’t I Get It Right??

gallon water day
beneficial one 
health wise
counted bottles eight
goal complete erroneous
1-2-8 ounces gallon

Yesterday I thought this was a good idea
Small 8-ounce bottles H2o lined up for day
I didn’t include water used for cups of tea
Rather figured better to count plain water
I thought this goal seemed a bit too easy
Surprise to learn I’d met my goal halfway
As one gallon of water contains 128 ounces
How could I have forgotten the calculations
Quite a light bulb moment for me this morn
I guess I’ll have to settle for one half the goal.