Take Seven – October 16th 2020

Today’s prompt words: annoy – busker – button – car – crop – cry – elevate – Friday
hunt – hysterics – irritate – movement – pack – pattern – pest – poetry – song
street – swipe – thump – vamp

Late Friday afternoon a vamp standing at the bus stop began to irritate others
with her pattern of behavior.

With each verbal movement others silently thought – what a pest!

One man hoping to calm the crowd, offered the busker on the street corner
extra cash to read some Poetry or play a soothing song – perhaps time for both.

A tall heavyset man already annoyed from an unsuccessful hunt for his pack of
expensive cigarettes definitely didn’t need the dame to push his last button.

As the music played the crowd’s noise level began to elevate – no cry – no swipe
no thump rather a turn to state of hysterics.

The sight of the big mouth’s hair suddenly cropped – a long-haired wig soon
layered short due to her desperation trying to disengage it from a stranger’s car


Take Seven: April 3rd 2020

Today’s words:

background – buns – cake – eerie – evening – handle – honesty – humour —
joke – lark – mike – nose – path – piece – prank – remote – rock – silent – trash –
violin –  wire

Forecast rain
Peaceful or eerie
Wind’s silent path
Remote possibility
Power outage – wire(s) down
Occurrence no joke 
Cinnamon buns
Birthday cake half-baked

40th celebration son Mike
Evening disappointment

Hankering for piece
Honesty –
lack humor
Happiness smile 

Sudden frown
Imperative phone call
Handle situation 

Pray this be a prank
Dressed for day
Nose powdered
Took out the trash
Record time van arrive
Local utility workers rock
Residence border park
Glimpse a meadowlark
Songbird’s tune void lyrics
Similar Renaissance violin

Take Seven: April 3rd 2020