Habit`Acrostic Poem

H ankering strong
A ction automatic
B ehavior addictive
I ndulgence frequent
T endency regular

Ever develop a new habit and question the why?
A recent craving for a cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream
is becoming a concern.
The timing ranges from 11:00 p.m. same day to 2:00 a.m. following one
determined by noise from a most inconsiderate overhead tenant which
awakens me from a sound sleep.
To report said individual will serve no purpose other than possible increase
of problem.
He thinks only of himself – factor discovered when vocalized another noise
complaint of different nature.
The hours of ‘quiet enjoyment’ mean little to a narcissist who feels entitled to
do whatever because he pays his rent.
Apartments are scarce; rents are excessively overpriced (some more than a
mortgage payment).
Let me tell you:  “Not all prisons have bars”, therefore I endure my circumstances.

Should I be worried about my newfound habit or should I just enjoy that cup
of cocoa and its effects?
After all this comfort drink manages to relax me, allowing me to fall back to sleep.

Sunday Confessionals: Drizzle with Words

I chose the vocabulary word ‘seatherny’.

whene’er chance listen sound of chirping birds
while walking amidst forest pine trees or now
within surrounds park light breeze peaceful be

meditation app soundscape choices soothe me
machine spa portable nature sounds hear relax
musical notes colorful songbirds absolute serenity


Do You Like to Reminisce

Sitting alone in my small apartment reading a newly followed blogger’s
post on dolls a self-imposed question came to mind.
Reflecting back on my life I wondered if at any point I could’ve placed
myself in a collector’s category.
The answer undoubtedly was ‘no’ unless I considered my fabric stash or
occasional yarn hauls.
I liked Precious Moments figurines; however, I was rather selective
with purchases. Each one I chose held significance to me.
Books shelved in bookcases ranged from textbooks, dummie books,
cookbooks and self-help selections.
As I read the previous line, I realize little has changed, I am still a gal
with the desire to learn.
On occasion the phrases ‘never give up’ and ‘never too old’ pop up on
various social media platforms.
Am I too old to start the doll collection I’d dreamed of for decades??
Would it be a waste of money I could put to better use in other ways??
Last night at 10:04 p.m. I gave myself quite a spiel.
Stop self-sabotaging dreams. You owe it to yourself to investigate
the possibilities.
It appears I have a bit of homework ahead for me.

WYSIWYG ~ Period

Today’s title – an acronym introduced by an Intro to Computer teacher,
a question the majority students answered correctly on mid-term exam.

Its’ definition: ‘what you see is what you get’.

My entire lifetime, seventy-five years thus far, I maintained a genuine
persona of kindness to most folk.

Sadly, I learned never to expect the same in return ~ be it friends or family.

One of my 2023 resolutions was not to allow anyone to disrespect me thus 
on all social platforms I’ve decided to keep that promise to myself.

Enough said . . .

JusJoJan 2023 ~ Day 5

today’s prompt:  cancer

A teen in school back in the late 50s I chose the topic ‘Cancer’ for my term paper.

All work was completed at the local library since no computer, typewriter, nor set

of encyclopedias were waiting for me to use at home.

Thinking back, hard to remember exactly, I believe I received either a B+ or A- for

a grade.

Over half a century has passed since that year and to date people suffer from this

dreadful disease.

To think about Cancer knowing the myriad of friends and family members who

succumbed to it creates the feeling of sadness within me.


Trigger Word ~ Mother

mother, child’s parent
female blessed, bundle joy
fortunate unless
behaviorisms blur
desire nurture, neglect

Earlier I came across what appeared to be a truly nice post > mother’s admiration >
words of love, encouragement and support spoken to her child.
It triggered a plethora of emotions within me; overwhelmed a river of tears flowed.
Tis possible the wall of numbness toppled finally as I’m past tired from a week quite
ill with no assistance > still not feeling 100 percent.
I couldn’t bring myself to read the article > maybe later > another time > different day.
Throughout my childhood I never heard kind, loving words no matter the length I went
to please either parent.
It didn’t affect how I treated my own children rather I gave to them unconditional love.
Deceit, divorce and death left me a semi-emotional mess, trusting very few individuals.
Until I began my personal journey of self-awareness, I had no idea neglect was a form
of abuse from which children even in adulthood never truly recover.

Virtual Friends 😞

Throughout the day while doing my chores and errands
I thought about this morning’s discovery on my WP app.

Previous to the discovery I was replying to comments from
my notification section.

I accessed a post written and published yesterday via a
different path and found the text one huge square void
of paragraphs, sentence following sentence.

This of course was a bit disturbing to me, so I checked
other pathways to the post and how it appeared when
transferred elsewhere.

Fine in the Reader, a little different on actual site but
not too bothersome so I continued with the seek ‘n find
search leaving the app on the cell phone for last.

All was fine there, and I could breathe a sigh of relief. 😊

I don’t use the phone that much to read posts, etc. and
today I decided to peer around and familiarize myself
more with the app.

I came across a section ‘a followers list’ with each person
who follows me listed and the date in number of days,
months ending with the year they hopped onboard this
gal’s blogging followers’ ship.

I failed to see a friend’s name on this list, a blogger
whose prompts I’ve participated in on a frequent basis.
I double-checked and ‘no’ the name was nowhere to be

What a disappointment for me. I don’t know what to think
or if I should question said individual.

To hide behind a masque is something I expect on social
media apps, not on a blogging site.

As I end this post, I shall leave you with a quote I heard
from an Instagram reel:

“Unfortunately, some people will learn to appreciate you
by losing you. Go where you are celebrated, not tolerated.

If people treat you like an option, leave them like a choice.
You are worth being loved and valued.”

I made the decision to refrain from prompt challenges in
the future and concentrate on my own project(s).

There were numerous bloggers on the list whom I don’t
follow at this time and I shall make time to check out
those blogs to see what we may have in common.

I have no idea if this is some crazy error or a reality
check on here for me.


Tasks done standing in place
Thoughts travelling embrace
Transfer book commonplace

Dishes wash prior prevalent
Discipline self-time sufficient
Deservingness idea contingent

Day heretofore enjoyable
Day blatantly miserable
Day penned words downright struggle

Die-hard sage tinkers poem constant
Decision major or minor adjustments
Discernment aesthetic blog post pleasant

No Internet Connection: Aggravation

Yesterday early morn when the internet was still available I
started deleting photos (a process in progress) to free up
And then I came across a ‘shortcut’ only to find numerous
photos and documents relocated when technology decided
to take over.
Lovely, I thought to myself as I proceeded to access each
and decide if to keep or place in recycle bin.
Then I found a poem I’d written in 2018 and thought I’d
repost it after my errands were completed for the day.
Surprise, surprise ‘no internet connection’ which lasted for
several hours.
Today I searched the year I posted the poem on here and
with 12 months to the calendar year of course the last one
I accessed showed the poem.
In shock I looked at the format and wondered why the
words followed one another rather than in a poem’s format.
Anyway, I’ll repost the poem I wrote.
“The Empty Hole”

Exterior thankful whole
Interior broken heart holds

Grief assimilates tides ebbs and flows
Five stages conclusion sudden undertow

Sadness empty gape forever unpaved
Thankful ‘Lord’ concrete faith to me gave

No prelude exhaustive process loss
Survivors bear unfathomable cross

Acceptance unchosen future alone alas
Society’s behaviors liken senseless crass.

I read this and to myself thought how
little my thoughts and feelings changed
during the past three plus years following
penning this poem.

Imprisoned by emotions: