TMP #54

So many irritants these days tis difficult to choose one.

I’m going to address ‘spamming‘, when either a new-to-
app creator or fan places likes on all videos of another
without leaving comment(s).

This is found to be quite an insult as no way can someone
actually view the videos ranging in numbers from double
digits to thousands in such minimal time.

The spammer may think he or she will win an automatic
follow back.

Truth is top creators have earned the right to be particular
with whom they wish to interact. Countless times they’ve
read the words “I’m your biggest fan”.

I know this how?

I’m an invitee by one of the top icons on a well-known app.
My granddaughter has been in the entertainment field since
age 5 months.

To me it’s common sense if you want someone’s friendship,
then you have to be an actual friend to them. On the app
a follow back is granted for constant interaction and support.

All those spam likes do is satiate a creator’s notifications list.
In order for the likes to be counted as actual views the video
has to be seen in its’ entirety.

Prior to updates important messages were often missed, a
known fact.

Fortunately I don’t share the numerical amount on my page;
however, I can sympathize with those who’ve offered up their

The first time I experienced spamming in our writing
community ‘Blogosphere’ I was taken back – shocked.
I doubted the individual actually read all those posts.  

Spamming satiates one’s notifications so please excuse
if I failed to get back to you prior to the disappearance
of your notifications.


The Monday Peeve #54

Yesterday I read this daily selfie posted by a virtual friend on an app.

“Life is a circle of happiness, sadness, hard times and good times.

If you are going through a hard time, know that good times are on the way.”

I think I’ll believe this if it ever actually happens within my personal life.

As with news articles I consider the source and decide what I think is real

and what appears to be fake.

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