Automated Conversations

Bundle package firm
Functions no competition
Customers anguish
Near gone days converse humans
Texts robotic replacements

Tanka poem above ~ hilarious explanation
1. I needed an answer to a question.
2. Prepared with account number I soon
met my first dilemma.
3. Oh dear I need my glasses as the company’s 800 number
is spelled out (alphabetic).
4. I placed the call and listened to the menu selection.
5. ‘Other’ was my chosen option.
6. I’m told next step in process was receipt of a text message.
7. Instructions to access a hyperlink made me stop and think.
8. Being polite I replied to the text with ‘no thank you’.
9. I left the room to conduct a search via another method.

Imagine reading this ‘next’ text (verbatim).
“I’m sorry. I’m a bot and I’m still learning. Ask your questions…

Face morphing ~ Coffee Please

Hello . . .
Trial and error – sooo fun (LOL)
I shall return following breakfast.
Think ‘trial (OK) ~ transfer ‘error’

Explanation ~ determination ~ key

Cell phone app fun much
Video creator, fan
Enjoyment hobbie
Supporter family, friends
Amazing experience

Via invitation I joined the app five years ago.
Fan to creator, another invite ~ should I bother?
Yesterday I listened words ‘you can do it’ vocal insta-message.

Do I wish to livestream? Uncertain.

Already have more things to do and not enough time to do them.

Explanation video ‘face morphing‘:

I transferred a picture of a bit younger me to a different app.
Then the transformation – future – present – past (similar to
conjugation of a verb in reverse tenses).

This morn was chock full of shock sensations 1-2-3.

First, I see the strong resemblance of younger self to my
talented’ youngest granddaughter.

Second, I opted to transfer the face morph video here
and it landed in the title bar. Oops!

Third, the apartment complex’s fire alarm sounded
at 8:30 a.m.

The old me, prior to current self-love journey, would
have become irritated; new me, endured and laughed.


Can You Hear Me Now??

I don’t think I’ve been so frustrated as I am with today’s technology!!!!

You take a few days or weeks hiatus and you come back faced with quite

the challenge.

Wait a moment add an ‘s’ and make challenge plural CHALLENGES!!

All set to write I took a picture on my cell phone of a Sony Digital Voice


Yeah, today I don’t have to search for a picture. WRONG!!

Fine next idea try and find one by utilizing the search – HA, HA, HA!!

Exact four words ‘Sony Digital Voice Recorder’ and up pops captures of

every item possible ‘other‘ than a recorder.

Wow, look at those cell phones, selfie rings, keyboards, digital tapes,

microphones, etc.

Somehow I managed to brave this disappointing journey and ‘NOT‘ scream

out loud.

Who needs this stress??

Frustrated as a word I refrain from typing, I’ll finish up and leave this place.

I need to go for a walk before I open up the box containing said recorder.

Quick view – conclusion likelihood of more frustration ahead a ‘nine out

of tenfor the afternoon.

Do manufacturers of tech do this on purpose? I wonder if they’re in

cahoots with optometrists.

The wording is so small one needs a powerful magnifying glass.

Imagine I typed a ‘vent’ post without uttering a single word.

Somehow I practiced self-control therefore ‘NO‘ you didn’t hear me scream.

Sensationalism Sells Newspapers

Years ago I enrolled in a nightly Journalism course offered by my area’s local


Two editors – two classes – one night each week – seeking freelance writers

This wasn’t my first nor last class in Journalism; however, it was the cheapest

one – price ‘FREE’. I learned a lot about how sensationalism sells newspapers.

Today amidst the world of high tech each morning people worldwide are able

to access the internet and with a click of their mouse select articles to read or

second option trash.

Since blogging my vocabulary increased tenfold as daily new words appear

before my eyes, words never seen before.

Today’s word of the day was ‘endemic’.

As one can spend endless hours utilizing their computer then walk away in

sheer frustration, I carefully pick and choose what to read based on article


I then scan the paragraphs since the majority of journalists take forever to

make a point.

Sadly, the newest vocabulary word spoken by my country’s highest paid

Federal employee didn’t exactly leave me with an optimistic impression.

Endemic defines as a state of existence where the population faces living forever

with a virus circulating at low levels while only on occasion causing severe illness.

In a different news article I read the FDA’s (Federal Drug Administration’s)

statement how the country’s health status by early June will have changed

dramatically BETTER.

There are times I feel simillar to a high school student seeking facts – info for

a long-term assignment.

If you are in my age category you’ll remember usage of index cards,

hand-written notes.

Tis much easier now surfing on your computer screen until if lucky you find the

correct hyperlinks or YouTube videos.

I wonder what portion of the country knows who is listed as the highest paid

Federal employee.

Shocking, his last stated salary in year 2019 was $18K more than the President.

Interesting information.

As with politics I shall keep my personal feelings to myself as I deem it unwise

to share neither negative opinions nor feelings.

The Monday Peeve: #7

Good Mornin’ 

Time for a vent – a rant w/o rave.

Short and sweet (oh, that’s me) irked by mandatory cumulative software updates.

Totally not in favor of guides and manuals inclusive on apps – preference for 

printed copies.

Endless hours spent yesterday trying to locate and maneuver stuff and ready to pull the

plug on the computer – quits.

All I wanted to do was share a video and each try failed so finally I chose a different


This morn (interesting) I typed in the URL and voila – it worked – a mere iota of

frustration overload – who knows. 

After all it’s only Monday and one cup of tea thus far for mmmmeeee and 

feelings lurk within:

My wishin’ to become a rebel. 

C-ya next Monday!!






Miscommunication Freeze

A text versus an actual phone call resulted in heartbreak. My reply with various not-so-nice words a man would rather not hear either hurt you or freed you up to not face the task of collateral damage yourself.  We’re over!

Ours was a rollercoaster romance – even I ran hot and cold on you. There were valid reasons that most woman would flee from at first site – only your good traits were my focus.

One hundred percent is what I offered up only to be shut out when those desperate incoming phone calls for cash blew up your cell phone accompanied by numerous frantic e-messages on social network.

You chose to punish me, the gal who was there for you in areas your own family members failed you. You didn’t want to have a conversation. You didn’t want to share. Instead you’d rather sit home, become unkempt and smoke weed.

I was supposed to be understanding always. Honestly I’ll never know the mechanisms of thinking of the male mind.

You never really tore me down via altercation rather you let my heart drop to the floor. Yes, I was one pissed off woman with good reason. Lack of communication.

A few days pass and you decide you want to be just friends – OUCH!  No re-dos? I didn’t think one could cross back over the line from lover to friends especially when a breakup is fresh and I still have feelings for you.

Okay, I thought I’d give it a try in hopes you’d have a change of heart. Hmmm…one hopeless romantic. I erred.

Two weeks pass and realization is tis pointless to waste another iota of my precious time on you. The severance of ties completely is what I need to heal.

In honesty if you had cared you’d have made an effort to fix us. It’s evident now my gut feeling all along was right on – you are a player who taught me a good lesson – one not to be repeated in the future.

Next time, I’ll pay much closer to mixed signals.