JusJoJan ~ Jan. 24th

Today’s prompt: unbelievable

Life is constantly full of surprises.

Yesterday morn I decided to fancy my toast.

The resemblance to a ‘Toad in the Hole’ was

an easy option – breakfast for one.

  1. with a spoon you make an indentation in the 
    center of a slice of bread
  2. place in toaster (of course)
  3. spread butter around all edges of toast – not the middle
  4. place jelly in the center

Then the ‘unbelievable’ happened – an OMG moment.

The entire bottle of a well-known brand of grape jelly 

preserves unbeknown to me had turned to liquid. 

That was the end of the idea that resembles ‘Toad in

the Hole’ recipe. 

Toast with butter is what I had to settle for ~ no Sunday morn treat.


Newbies on the Block – Poem

Small town
Foxes found

Across lawns
Fast pacers
Fox sites daily renown
Total six race track
Baseball field
Quota team players lack

Quarter century
Countryside twas home
Perplexed new adventure
Urban area present-day fox zone

Reason mammals flee own turf
Adjacent neighborhood families
Pray no innocent child animals hurt.

© 2019 June Quintin