The Contemptible Fella

Rearview mirror resemblance vulture
Upshot origin badass behavioral culture

Parallelism buzzard high perch tree out of sight
Male sits facing computer screen awaiting exploit

Combination old pics and text bundled pack lies
Misrepresentations self seek vulnerable preys, sigh

Pretext long term relationship hopeful attracts
Genuine women, money plus multitude self-satisfacts 

Clever conception plus facetious expressions 
Relax scorned women conceal deep-seated aggressions

Inevitable future bait and switch reciprocate
Drama free serendipity twist of fate anticipate.

© 2018 June Quintin


A Sprinkle of Balderdash

Man appear perfect gentleman
Dates 1,2,3 good mannerisms

Vulnerable fish available catch
Oops! True traits begin mix-match

Warning women background wise
Handsome man be snake in disguise

Prior succumb thoughts e-erlast love
Behavioral patterns important note thereof

Once a liar, always a liar
Once a cheater, always a cheater

Better alone or true friendships world see
Avoid heartache, set the dastardly rat free!

© 2018 June QuintinA Sprinkle of Balderdash


Today's prompt be rather powerful
Incorporate boundary personal world

By virtue of 'crystal clear consolations'
Utterance loved one's excellent affirmations

Ruination overshadow beautiful yesterdays
Flat refusal further down road opportunities

Declutter, eradicate concentrated visionaries
Exterminate, destruct overwhelming memories 

Comfort knowledge retain persona self-respect
Mixed feelings admission degree be lowlife met

Written off friendship forevermore non-exist
Categorize in perpetuity non-entity persists.

© 2018 June Quintin

Writing prompt: crystal clear consolations 


Morning social media conversation 'Hi'
Forbidden one certain quite surprise

Exchange details Karma laughable cite
Age preferential genuine remain polite

Humiliation feelings thankful overcome
Transformation healthy self-esteem done

Laughable extend best wishes younger gal
Old flame of mine appear groom you well

Unbelievable whene'er he not be with thee
Entertain thoughts other women wanna see

Cycle one hundred percent perfect clear me
Player in disguise from whom glad thou free

Amazement outsider's view disgust apparent
Imagine adult child watch o'er single parent

New release one moved on versus one remain stuck
Awesome feelings fare better area true love luck.

© 2018 June Quintin

Dating Epiphany

Thoughts per day
Range 50 to 70K

Mathematical equation
Constant mind invasion

Topic of despair
Catastrophic affair

Sudden thoughts
Reason distraught

Dating guidelines
Interesting finds

Red flags pop
Conversational flops

Intuitive perception
Nit-pickity selection

Two strangers together
Possible couple forever

Thinkin' back
Third date hacked

Understand refuse
Pre-bamboozle confuse

Busyness boss
Relationship loss

Portrayal post design
Sudden irksome remind

Time precious - move on
Chase feelings forlorn 

Back to window shop tactics
Follow face-to-face contacts

Resume loving partner search
Three dates maximum research.

© 2018 June Quintin

Figment of Your Imagination

Tomorrow is the scheduled date of the foreclosure auction of our co-owned home.  You who remained a ‘squatter’ in the cute 3 bedroom ranch have failed to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

You appear to have pipedreams and I’ve become merely an apparition throughout the past seven years since tired from working two jobs while draining my savings chose to flee the premises.

Three weeks ago a relative brought to my attention the local newspaper’s legal notice ‘Mortgagee’s Sale of Real Estate’. A sincere attempt to contact you via phone and inform you was met with a slew of F-bombs thus I chose to press end the call and not listen to your outrageous mannerisms.

You entered my life under false pretenses when I was most vulnerable. You were so sweet back then saying all the right words. When the charm wore off I learned the meaning of the word insidious.

I wonder what was going thru your mind last evening when you called me out of the blue. Did you think your distress call would result in this good-hearted woman you supposedly loved so much offering up cash.

Your call is one I should have let go to voice mail. I never knew a man could talk non-stop unless behind a podium in the world of politics. Tired of listening to your blah, blah and more blahs, I placed my cell phone on the couch and watched TV while you continued to rant on and on about poor you.

Nearly an hour passed before the cell phone’s battery chose to eliminate you from close proximity via electronic wave lengths.

I fear you are on your own as I’ve had to deal with and resolve my own personal problems with little assistance from you in recent years. The gal you once knew toughened up changing her persona since forced to live in survival mode.

I’m similar to synonymous with a pipedream’s nightmare as I no longer fall prey to your schemes.

This morn I ran the statistics on the house. Wow! The value has increased 30.06K. The successful bidder a.k.a. buyer is likely to get one fantastic deal.

No amount of nice words flowing from your mouth would ever change my disdain for you and the ordeal you put me through.

I wish you well. Reality here is I hope never to hear from you again during this last chapter of my life. I was a blessing and you managed to drive me away with your lack of common sense combined with laziness.





Relief Versus Sadness

The norm for me is practice the ‘silence is golden’ method in a relationship filled with baggage. It’s a simple pattern of MYOB with minimal enlightenment.

Typing the brief polite farewell text was easy since I was livid at the time. He cancelled our plans without offering up a real explanation other than hoping I’d understand. Really? Understand what? You think I’m psychic.

Press the send button and there’s no turning back. I think. I ponder. I follow thru. Instant relief overcomes me only I’m not prepared for the sadness ahead. My decision was the final curtain to end a relationship with no future where he was always in the driver’s seat and I the passenger at his mercy.

Reflecting on our brief time together I was constantly there for him. I encouraged him. I stroked his ego when he was into self-blame. I allowed him his space. Although not asked I utilized precious time researching the life of an addict and how it affects the family dynamics.

Slowly though it became clearly evident he had less and less time for me thus I had to face the realization of what an addict does to himself and his family members. My man is an enabler and grows weary early on of his son’s demands for cash. I watch in bewilderment.

His hardheadedness is worse than the Zodiac sign ‘Taurus the Bull’. He knows he’s an enabler yet he’s so fearful of his kid’s safety he forks over hundreds of dollars of hard-earned cash on a monthly basis.

Wake-up to reality I think. You aren’t helping your child. The stack of lies he’s fed you far exceeds the height of some of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. How can you be so naïve?  I can’t say even a ‘boo’ since this is not my child nor my problem.

Sadly I see a whole different picture than you. Until your kid seeks treatment, winds up behind bars or worse he will make your life a living hell, drain your wallet, your savings and possibly have an adverse affect on your health.

I can emphasize with your problems only I can’t honestly say I’d know how to handle a similar situation would one of my children fall victim to the world of drugs. I prefer to think I’d practice tough love which is the hardest form of love.

Two days later the tears flow. I’ll be okay I tell myself. It’s better to curb a relationship in the bud than waste precious time until my endurance for the words ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘hope you understand’ reach the extremes .