Can You Hear Me Now??

I don’t think I’ve been so frustrated as I am with today’s technology!!!!

You take a few days or weeks hiatus and you come back faced with quite

the challenge.

Wait a moment add an ‘s’ and make challenge plural CHALLENGES!!

All set to write I took a picture on my cell phone of a Sony Digital Voice


Yeah, today I don’t have to search for a picture. WRONG!!

Fine next idea try and find one by utilizing the search – HA, HA, HA!!

Exact four words ‘Sony Digital Voice Recorder’ and up pops captures of

every item possible ‘other‘ than a recorder.

Wow, look at those cell phones, selfie rings, keyboards, digital tapes,

microphones, etc.

Somehow I managed to brave this disappointing journey and ‘NOT‘ scream

out loud.

Who needs this stress??

Frustrated as a word I refrain from typing, I’ll finish up and leave this place.

I need to go for a walk before I open up the box containing said recorder.

Quick view – conclusion likelihood of more frustration ahead a ‘nine out

of tenfor the afternoon.

Do manufacturers of tech do this on purpose? I wonder if they’re in

cahoots with optometrists.

The wording is so small one needs a powerful magnifying glass.

Imagine I typed a ‘vent’ post without uttering a single word.

Somehow I practiced self-control therefore ‘NO‘ you didn’t hear me scream.

The Monday Peeve No: 13

Virtual Friends

The majority of time on here I enjoy writing poetry, reading others’ blog posts and leaving comments.

To my surprise an unexpected hiatus for near a month gained me a few new followers while a total lack of any correspondence from those I took the time to read their posts and interact via leaving nice comments. 

This is a great source of disappointment for me in a blogger’s world to have applied myself wholeheartedly and followed guidelines.

I’m uncertain of how from this point I shall proceed since my other hobbies upon completion left me with a beautiful view of creativity. 

Sad, I don’t feel the same now as before since virtual camaraderie is far different from face-to-face friendships.


The Monday Peeve No: 13

Monday Morning Vents Times Three


There are issues with today’s technology that over a period of time have become quite bothersome to me.

Each morn I face a mailroom (inbox versus spam) and a 10-minute limit to address both before the computer starts experiencing problems. I wonder how a person is supposed to clear their mailroom (click-read-move to a folder-delete) in record time. Thanks cable provider for your continued great service and high cost.

The constant updates which manage to screw up lots of stuff in place on one’s computer. I didn’t ask for them. I was content with status quo. Then someone thought time for changes and each day a window would appear (I’d cancel it with the ‘x’) which kept shrinking in size until one morning my computer was held hostage for hours without my consent.

Last on my list is ‘plagiarism’. It’s always nice to Google oneself and find work submitted being used by other sites. No, I didn’t give anyone permission to pick and choose from my publishings. 

A fairly private person, I rarely place personal details in my writing or poems. Thank God!

End of Monday Morning’s Vent