Fibbing Friday-May 26th

1. novalunosis
Ans: condition desire read novels under moonlight
2. wundervei
Ans: delightful mirror reflection of self
3. eramnesia
Ans: erasure of selected portions of memory
4. witnessoja
Ans: person saw the incident over there
5. sundresorro
Ans: Zorro’s yellow sundress – laughable
6. livilence
Ans: shush-don’t respond -choice between livid and silence
7. seatherny
Ans: person who enjoys travelling the world via cruiseships
8. drizzlesis
Ans: order from parent to curb turning food items into liquid
9. zirwe
Ans: old geiser – a pot stirrer
And No: 10. teresaurum
Ans: terranium filled with silly fish thanks to mixup of bottles

SoCS-May 13th

weekly prompt ‘usage of word with over in it’

Do I understand the assignment? Yes!!

Okay, let’s begin . . . internet research.

There’s 2,368 words available that begin with ‘over‘.

In descending order these words range from 15 letters down to 4 letters ‘over’.

In comparison only 141 words end with ‘over‘.

Their range starts with 12 letter words down to 4 letter word ‘over‘.

In my web search I also found words that contain ‘over‘ and words with the
prefix ‘over‘.

Are you confused yet? I am!!  I’m having a problem with the word selection


D ivulge particulars
I nfo communicable
S pread knowledge
C onversant definite
O verall conclusions
V ersed outstanding
E ssential statistics
R esult ‘whip-smart’

I think perhaps I should have stuck with first thought ‘over‘ the hill and through the
woods to grandmother’s house I go for this exercise-challenge.

Too late!!

Fibbing Friday-May 12th

Music:  questions and answers

1. Why did DonMclean drive his Chevy to the levy?
Ans:  a chance opportunity to become lost in space

2. Who will stop the rain?
Ans:  angelic singers

3. Where does the love go?
Ans:  several blocks over – different neighborhood

4. Who shot the deputy?
Ans:  the sidekick

5. Why was nobody getting fat except Mama Cass?
Ans:  unable to find well-hidden stash of snacks

6. How did the blackbird break its wings?
Ans:  in an attempt to break world speed record

7. What did the Traveling Wilburys find at the end of the line?
Ans:  road sign – dead end

8. What instrument did Mr. Bojangles play?
Ans:  happy-go-lucky fiddle

9. Who lived in Desolation Row?
Ans: an anti-social hermit

And No: 10-Why couldn’t the Rolling Stones get any satisfaction?
Ans:  insufficient funds

Pathway to an Answer: SoCS May 6th

Today’s prompt:   ‘a song from your childhood’

Whenever I need an answer to a question, I find it easier to plug in
keywords to a search engine rather than rack my brain. 

Childhood didn’t exactly hold fond memories for me thus I appear to 
have blocked out many aspects.

I chose age 10 only couldn’t remember the songs back in year 1957.

This led me on a search:

I placed ‘popular songs in 1957’ into the Google search engine.
The first result that appeared showed a list totaling 23 tunes.
As I read the titles, I remembered the words with the exception of 
the 23rd ‘Short Fat Fannie’.

My interest now had been peaked and I wanted more information.
Last evening, I was on a mission, a touch of blacked-out memories
with the help of keywords.

1. The Everly Brothers had two hits ‘Bye Bye Love’ and ‘Wake Up
Little Susie’ back in 1957.
I had no idea these songs were classified in the country-western

2.  The best-selling album released in 1957 was Elvis Presley’s ‘The
Christmas Album’.

3.  Melancholy with regard to a most special holiday observed yearly.
I had no desire to revisit those days of the sad little girl who’d thought
she’d been naughty since Santa never visited; there were no presents to
tear open.

Off to see if I can bring up ‘Short Fat Fannie’ on YouTube and twas 

I listened to the song which to me had a nice beat. It appeared to have
incorporated other tunes within it. 






The Sunday Whirl ` Wordle #602

Today’s words:  dancing-rising-name-gender-granted-seven-willing-line-risk


with willing partner
seven minutes into class
bodies sweat it out

country line dancing
pose no problem for rookies
risk builds stamina

apart gender roles
thankful capacity learn
effort unequaled

couple granted best 
unsurpassed rising dance stars
names make team roster