Sunday Poser #67

This week’s question:

“What are your thoughts about Valentine’s Day?”

2022 – year decision refrain selection and purchase overpriced
greetings cards

2022 – year alone no ‘special someone’ with whom to celebrate

this special occasion

2022 – year I take pleasure in wonderful memories with hope
for better days ahead

Valentine’s Day Cards:

When I was a kid, elementary school years, students exchanged
cute Valentine cards. Our teacher encouraged us not to omit
any classmate (give 25 = receive 25).

I think that was ‘fair’.

In teen years we became selective whom we wished to surprise

and practiced drop off at our special friends’ lockers.

I shall refrain from feigning marital bliss ~ no longer do I wish to

discuss ‘anything’ ’bout when I carried the title, ‘Mrs.’

December’s self-care journey opened my eyes real wide to the

world of the people-pleaser who in the end was screwed over.

Today we live in a world of ‘entitlement’, one so foreign to me.

Two years of Covid-related issues has taken its toll.

Beautiful cards are way too expensive.

There’s more concern ’bout the cash denomination held

within and little regard for the chosen sentimental words.

Thus, for the first time since childhood days I made no

Valentine’s Day purchases.

I wonder if that makes me a ‘Negative Nancy’ or a woman

who deals in the ‘World of Reality’?