What Do You See #85 – June 7th 2021

A kitten so adorable, so tiny compared to a full-grown cat captures my heart.

I think back of teenage days, a trip to my girlfriend’s uncle’s farm and a litter

of kittens awaiting adoption inside a red barn.

That Sunday I would return home with my first pet, a calico kitten.

I named her Toastie perhaps due to her multi-colors – hard to remember now.

She was an indoor kitten who when I went to school would tear the wallpaper

to shreds.

Perhaps that’s what today is referred to as separation anxiety from the only

individual in the household who was capable of actual love, me.

I don’t know how long Toastie was with me – perhaps my parents intentionally

let her go outdoors when I was studying hard at school.

Thinking back ‘she disappeared’ were the words told to me.

I’d never see my cute, cuddly Toastie again.

She was the first and last kitten / cat in my life.

Although I always preferred cats versus dogs once married I heard the word, ‘NO’.


What Do You See #49 – September 28th ’20

Image Prompt Challenge

Tis hard to imagine a beautiful picture being envisioned as ‘eerie’.

A few views led me to think perhaps danger loomed in the environment.


We humans are aware of Mother Nature’s calm before the storm.

And . . .

The morning fog, the lake void of any ripples, the bird’s feathers tucked

close to its body plus its fixed stare to me equated too much silence – beware.

I interpreted the outstretched human hand as a sign of protectiveness from harm.

What do you see # 49 – 28 September’20

Stairway to Heaven – An ABC Poem

Aesthetic appeal
Blue skies
Clouds puffy
Dreamer starry-eyed
Exhibition beauty
Flowers colorful
God’s glory
Heaven’s splendor
Imagery paradise
Joyfulness abundance
Kingdom God’s
Loving feelings
Masterpiece magnificent
Nirvana’s enlightenment
Ocean turquoise
Picture perfection
Quintessence attractive
Rainbow radiance
Showcase splendor
Tranquility true
Universe’s ultimate
Vision perception
Winsomeness winner
X-ceptional depiction
Yearbooks’ dreams
Zestfulness spiritual