Social Status and Condescendingness

Advocate social equality
Flaunt ne'er wealth nor e'er
Look down on those less fortunate
Childhood poor and bullied often
Adulthood middle-class standard status
Unfortunate decades later divorce face
Fifty-percent monetary loss period time gain
Add to equation new relationship time vulnerable
Happiness overlook flaws unknown partner trait insidious
Full circle retiree back square one living on fixed income
Decision join local library's book discussion group
Membership quite small pecking order show snub-nose wealth
Shyness persona immediate kick-in listen more than speak
Improvement three months fraternization these ladies then
August's scheduled meeting date fast approach
Mailroom search reminder e-mail found zilch
Check library's event calendar where surprise
Scheduled discussion group August no listing date 
Scrolled pages top to bottom months September 'n October
Book titles different from those previous agreed upon 
Last straw aftermath apology e-mail state missed me
Member's prior attempt contact via e-mail message fail 
Irked already situation try hard not overthink
No reminder - changed books next few months read
Decision made dislike membership in group social hierachy
Ne'er will apologize for unfortunate circumstances befell me
Shame on you who think your wealth better than sincere friendships.


FOWC with Fandango — Advocate

Hierarchy – Word of the Day Challenge












Scenic country drive destination writers' favorite local mall bookstore
Arrival find surprising succinct message sign hanging front closed doors
Unable gain access search shelves for discounts thanks to posted deadline
Quick think pulse surge rush thru mall's main aisle shop sip glass red wine. 

© 2018 June Quintin

Rinky Dinky Dink

Daily research
Imperative do
Bloggers' prompts
Suggestions look thru

Rinky dinky um
Sneak peek fun
Topic preview
Hilarious overview 

Hyperlinks scroll
Derogatory words toll
Adjectives even double-u
Definition ghost word letter 'w'

Then happen along
Cute children's song 
'Rinky Dinky Do' 48 seconds long
Actual music to ears 'I Love You' strong.

© 2018 June Quintin