Typical Afternoon

Tis hot and humid outdoors 90 plus degrees
Sad I sweat windows down can't afford fix A/C

Transfer dollars bank to bank require usage ATM
Bank lobby men 'end of life' converse morbid Amen

Survival overheard gruesome details kept lunch down
Afternoon agenda shop closest supermarket hometown 

Slowly walk pushing basket up and down crowded aisles
Realization community frowners missing beautiful smiles

Six self-checkout machines non-stop spurt directions
Quick irritant customers chastise speak loud objections

Groceries onboard vehicle low mileage popular model SUV
Drive home low on gas unknown whereabouts station attendee

Grocery purchases unpacked safe cupboards some fridge stored 
Quiet time access PC mailroom partake personal beverage reward  

Surprise! Surprise! Excessive amount mail awaits thou view
Leave bulk of laughable contents another day posts in review. 

Fun choice write 'bout laughable afternoon excursion
Experimental follower count reader like versus aversion

Struggle feel abundance rejection writers certain face 
Older folk sad apparent limitation amidst beloved human race.

© 2018 June Quintin

More ZZZs Please!

Several hours prior dawn
Darkness sit alone forlorn

Time daylight hours away
Overcome lack sleep pray

New segmented sleep pattern
Unfortunate older folk happen

Certain appear out-of-order
Wish become sleep hoarder

Resident apartment complex
Unable noisy whenever wish

Reluctantly turn lamps on
Minutes later glasses worn

Scribble notes writers' form
Concentration written poem born

Sudden widen mouth yawn begin
Follow tear-filled eyes origin

Signal exhaustion sleep please
Coverlet warm thankful more ZZZs.

© 2018 June Quintin

Rinky Dinky Dink

Daily research
Imperative do
Bloggers' prompts
Suggestions look thru

Rinky dinky um
Sneak peek fun
Topic preview
Hilarious overview 

Hyperlinks scroll
Derogatory words toll
Adjectives even double-u
Definition ghost word letter 'w'

Then happen along
Cute children's song 
'Rinky Dinky Do' 48 seconds long
Actual music to ears 'I Love You' strong.

© 2018 June Quintin

Children’s Book Author

Birthday 1935
Birthplace Yorkshire

Author childhood fantasy genre
Son's innocent question inspire

Dad - what a tickle look like curiosity
Beginning humor series writer Roger Hargreaves 

Gainfully employ London firm advertiser turn author relate
Humor brightly coloured boldly drawn characters illustrate

Beloved writer difficult find publisher initial
Success million copies sold three years official

Animated BBC TV series soon follow author's accomplish
Book series Mr. Men & Little Miss books' feature launch

Another later children's book series total twenty-five
Miss Timbuctoo copies sales twenty languages worldwide

Fascinating find notable works simple morn discover
Open flap envelope free mailroom subscription offer

Whenever aspiring writer face feelings incertitude
Idea research walk through published author's fortitude.

© 2018 June Quintin


Random Thoughts

Necessity Poetry divergent tips
Writer's tool bag quick unzip

Desire unique poetic journey
Welcome wisdom n'er clock tyranny

Therapeutic fun-start hobby
Publish deluge pages rhyming poetry

Amidst life's trials 'n tribulations
Word association skills continue aspiration

Grammar school teacher's written words
Factual concern gain knowledge ears heard

This lifetime ne'er give up on your dreams
Today still see special words sewing seams

Knowledge is wisdom; wisdom is power
Print on paper absolute teacher's follower

Times sheer overwhelming frustration
Sat in chair front computer station

Thankful exercises creative writers share
Forward direction self-accountability stare

Appearance idea grab-bag description before thee
Scrolled up to discovery find distinct unique be.

© 2018 June Quintin