Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020

Today’s words: mock, shock, stock, lock, block, hock

Five minute drive to purchase a ham hock
Shopper unaware auto problem in for a shock
Return discover key unable open car door lock
Phone mechanic shop located around the block
Tumbler problem replacement part out-of-stock
Ignore dashboard’s maintenance warning light result self-mock

Saturday Mix – Rhyme Time, 7 March 2020


SoCS Jan. 11th – JusJoJan

Today = First 3 words on random page: As soon as

As soon as I complete my homework on self-publishing I hope to place the title of

author following my name.

I once was Miss – thirty-five years Mrs. – then Ms. 

My tenure of life’s resume is fairly long and if I shared this I would consider myself

to suddenly have become a bragger of sorts.

I’ve set my goal – hope to attain it – shall work hard – try my best – hope for success. 

Just Jot It January - #JusJoJan

SoCS Jan. 11th – JusJoJan

Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Nuts

Delete daily writes
Bizarre behavior nuts right

Decade alone true challenge
Occasional thoughts revenge
Realization impossible mend

Remain calm
Refuse admit defeat
Outdoor hobbies autumn peak

Day two NaNoWriMo challenge
Pistachio nuts gal’s intake – a binge
Writing poetry often been topical cringe
Month December return land fabric ‘n fringe.

© 2019 June Quintin

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Nov. 2/19

Writing Prompt ~ Bold and Billowy

A blog
A place to vent
Archived or current events

Gray cloud 
Grows overhead
Goodness knows what lies ahead

All e'er desire
Acknowledgement job well done
Achievement awards show wall hung

Infuriated thanks humanity
Inappropriate topics show high reads score 
Incredible informative articles appear often ignored

Nouns descriptive adjectives mind form
Ne'er indulge drama anywhere social media
Nor divulge private info networks digital literacy. 

~ JAQ 

August Writing Prompts