One Liner Wednesday ~ JusJoJan 2023-Day 11

today’s prompt: squirrel

twenty-five years life
country residence survives
quarter century
forest animals wander
backyard squirrel changed locales

One expects to see numerous animals a.k.a. critters when living in the countryside;
however, I never dreamed I’d see squirrels, a family of skunks, coyotes and wild
turkeys saunter thru streets of my hometown.

JusJoJan2023 ~ Day 9

today’s prompt:  endurance

No stranger to hardships I learned early on in life the sad reality of endurance.
Friendly discussions, psychiatrists and psychologists (14 years) and I found
the answer to my questions thru online research.
inspirational quotes, affirmations plus self-help workbooks filled with
questions to be answered somewhat helpful; none really solved the actual

Last night I found new words to live by ~ liken to a New Year 2023 resolution.

1. When the PAST calls
2. DON’T answer.
3. It has NOTHING new to say.
4. NEVER let your past experience(s) harm your future.
5. Your past CAN’T be altered.
6. And your future DOESN’T DESERVE the punishment!!

Above is the best affirmation I’ve come across in over a decade.
Adios quotes, specific apps and self-help books.
I’ve met the requirements of endurance and no longer wish to think,
speak or research negative topics.

JusJoJan 2023 ~ Day 5

today’s prompt:  cancer

A teen in school back in the late 50s I chose the topic ‘Cancer’ for my term paper.

All work was completed at the local library since no computer, typewriter, nor set

of encyclopedias were waiting for me to use at home.

Thinking back, hard to remember exactly, I believe I received either a B+ or A- for

a grade.

Over half a century has passed since that year and to date people suffer from this

dreadful disease.

To think about Cancer knowing the myriad of friends and family members who

succumbed to it creates the feeling of sadness within me.