Six Word Story #176

prompt: change

Check food labels, manufacturers change ingredients.

13 thoughts on “Six Word Story #176

    1. Yes, the food allergy saga continues for me. The lab results made no sense and the physician’s suggestion ‘wheat’ products left me suffering the worst symptoms and duration of discomfort to date.
      In USA, it’s difficult to change primary doctors. There’s a small window in autumn months to switch (determined also if certain doctors are accepting new patients). After the time period ends a patient is locked in for another year System sucks!
      I need to do some research, especially with this situation.
      It’s not the first time me or others have had bad experiences.
      I’ve learned it’s best to be your own advocate regarding one’s health.


      1. We looked up a lot on the internet when Hubby had his digestive problems, and were able to get a feel for foods that would trigger his problems or enhance them. It is still very much trial and error though, and the op in had in Sept 2020 has definitely failed. His new consultant says he can loosen the ‘wrap’ but it would be more than likely to make things worse. We’re managing OK, and timing of meals is important.


      2. Thanks for sharing, Di.
        For me the mystery is how lab results which cost near $1,000 state I’m not allergic to the foods which caused symptoms then the physician encourages me to eat ones which 4th of July weekend could have landed me in the ER.
        So many people these days (some truly young ones) have GI problems. It leads me to think perhaps the problem could be caused by the foods with ingredients (after the first few) I have no idea how to pronounce nor spell.
        Yes, the trial, error and research all play a part now in planning meals.

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      3. We discovered some years ago that if I cooked a meal from scratch, we knew exactly what went in it andHubby was fine, but if it was processed in any way, he could have problems. We have to be so careful with the invisible ingredients, which of course we won’t discover until it’s been consumed. It is frustrating when things he used to have without issue now trigger reflux or tummy upsets.

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      1. Glad to read you are allergy-free with regard to foods. I never had allergies other than seasonal hay fever due to pollen until a few years ago. It appears I was fortunate most of my life and now I have to be my own advocate of my health.


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