Three Things Challenge #17

Unloading backpack
Chunk bucket list morn erase
Autumn winter months
Quilter’s dream – layered fabric
Flat thimble top hand sew start





7 thoughts on “Three Things Challenge #17

    1. You’re welcome. I like the words challenge and always hope I can incorporate them into the correct syllabe count of the Japanese style poetry I enjoy writing. I started sewing at age 16 – countless outfits for family members plus gifts (money-saver). As for quilt fabrics I prefer pastel colors and small prints.


      1. That’s a riot!
        A memory from the 60s:
        My failure to sew a seam on hubbie’s uniform
        jacket A.S.A.P. led him to DIY on my machine.
        He sewed the front of the sleeve to the back of the sleeve. Too funny!!


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