Blue Roses – Beautiful Thoughts: Tanka Poem

New beginning sign
Bouquet roses blue sublime
Forgiveness receipt
Time irrelevant deceit
Happy moments reconcile



17 thoughts on “Blue Roses – Beautiful Thoughts: Tanka Poem

    1. Thank you for making contact. I have no idea why we don’t show up on each others’ follows. I’m doing okay – solitude sucks. I hope you and your husband are both fine. Pray this health issue will soon be behind us.


      1. I hear you with regard to tourists – same in states plus protests and riots = huge chaotic mess. People form own opinions and many don’t follow regulations. I read a bit from news articles to stay aware of facts then try to read more pleasant upbeat stuff.


      2. I follow the rules, too. It’s a once-per-week trip now for groceries and errands. I was walking daily until it became too hot outdoors. I’ll be thankful if we ever get to live normally again.


  1. They say blue roses represent mystery, the impossible, or the unattainable. Give a blue rose to someone and itโ€™s to say โ€œlike you are extraordinarily wonderful and unique.โ€

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