My Motto – Always Be Kind

Sunday through Saturday I follow an early morning schedule.

A retiree

Access laptop

Select news articles read

Before to Facebook proceed

Check messages & notifications

Play Fairyland app – 10 plus years

Virtual garden – in memory of creation

Plant flowers, water gardens, spot critters

A bit worldwide fun consider be time relaxation

Recent UK player sent request to play different app

‘Words with Friends’ love to write ‘yes’ challenge accept

Tis fun to view words foreign to me – increase vocabulary

Currently on our 3rd game this morn surprise word ‘ASS’

All caps and bold print what a noun – wish could seen my face

Realization we’ve limited amount of letters to utilize space

Further game proceed difficulty form words lack foresight

Staring at player’s word memory lane tenure personal life

A decent, kind person argumentative confrontations refrain

As Mother of four taught children to others be same

Unfortunate fact world filled good ‘n bad types humans  

Privilege start over knowing what I know now perhaps

Spare myself those innermost uncomfortable feelings

Times people pleaser lack knowledge say ‘NO’ politely

Hours pass – still wonder if word incorporates message

Alas laughable think of self good-woman reference ASS. 








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