Sunday Poser #65

Today’s prompt deals with the topic of advertisements.

Announcements ~ usually via appearance entice people

to make purchases.

With age comes wisdom and I’ve learned tis best to

conduct research of certain items prior to purchase.

Don’t be shy ~ ask questions.

There’s no harm ~ remember adage, ‘never judge a book by its

cover’ as products which appear to be great deals often result in

major disappointments.

A frugal gal, I stick to my old favorites.

Whenever there’s need for a brand-new item I ask others

for their opinions and look to Google for pros and cons,

the process of comparison shopping.

TV ~ I cancelled it three months ago due to high price and

lack of quality show selections.

Believe me this decision was made 100 percent tougher when

dealing with the customer service representatives as it appears

they are trained to sell upgrades and frown on downgrades.

As for social media I may view an advertisement; however, I know

it’s wiser to make my own personal decision based on actual need

rather than be coerced especially to people-please another person.

5 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #65

    1. Thank you, Di. 🙂 Wow, 14 years is a long time. It’s one less expense. Back in the day we used portable antennas or rabbit ears and only paid price for electricity versus today’s additional charges to the cable company.


      1. We grew tired of the rerun of reruns and there was nothing of interest to us. We saw it as a waste of money, even more so when the films being shown were ones we had in our collection, and the free channels available on the digi-box were either on a loop of the same programmes all day, or repeats of even older shows.

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