One Liner Wednesday September 23rd 2020

Prompt: a back-handed compliment

After a brief reading of several back-handed compliments amidst laughter before

my eyes appeared the following one which hit home – “You must be such a strong

person” which translates into “The way your life turned out would have driven

most people to suicide.”


Perhaps I should be thankful those biceps atrophied when I stopped lifting

weights – a bit of humor from within the soul.

One-Liner Wednesday – A backhanded compliment?

5 thoughts on “One Liner Wednesday September 23rd 2020

  1. Sometimes they can be pretty funny, but most times it just hurts someones feelings. I don’t know if you ever watched ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ on TV, but the mom Marie was an expert at backhanded compliments. She was so awful! 🙂

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