Throwback Thursday ~ No: 25

Topic: Mentors and Role Models

I chose ‘three’ women from my past who believed in me,

encouraged me and reiterated over and over to ‘never give

up in life’.

The first is the ‘park lady’, a woman who during summer

months spent her days teaching youth who never had the

opportunity to go on an actual vacation with parents. an

assortment of crafts.

This young woman taught me how to sew. Two summers

in a row at the conclusion of the summer program’s special

event I won ‘first’ place ribbons for the skirts I’d hand-sewn.

It was the beginning of a fun hobbie for me. Several years

I took night courses at the local vocational high school

(Sewing101 thru Advanced Sewing & Tailoring).

‘What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment to view dresses

I’d sewn for special occasions on display at the school’s craft fair’.

Later in life I pursued the art of quilting, an excellent

choice to use up one’s 100 percent cotton remnants.

The second person who influenced my life was a

business teacher who watched me, a young teen

with great potential, suddenly become a no-show

for class resulting in a drastic drop in grades.

She kept me after class one day and inquired to what

was different in my life. I had moved and started hanging

with the wrong crowd.

Her words were truly the wakeup call I needed to hear.

Someone actually cares about me.

From that day forward I vowed to never be truant again and

hand in ALL assignments on time.

Last on my list of whom to thank is an elementary teacher who

graduated with me each year. On Saturday mornings she taught

a French class from home and I was able to go ‘free of charge’.

She was there for me thru high school and beyond even attended

my wedding.

Each year she’d send me a beautiful Christmas card. Many times

she’d write words I so needed to hear with regard to perseverance

in my life.

“You’re such a smart young woman; please don’t ever give up on


My life has not been a bed of roses. On occasion I share bits and


As I’m taking this trip down memory lane typing away tears are

streaming down my face.

I thank God for those ladies who influenced my life in a positive


Older and much wiser I know who does and doesn’t have my best

interests at heart.

13 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday ~ No: 25

  1. June Ann, welcome to Throwback Thursday. I appreciate the authenticity of your post. I, too, often have tears flowing with some of my posts. Writing can be so cathartic. I hope you will join us next Thursday as well.

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    1. Yes Di, throughout life I was blessed with many people, mostly instructors, who encouraged me. I chose those three women because they were there from my youth. Without them my life may have gone down a dark path. God works in mysterious ways.

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  2. Beautiful piece of writing. I’m so glad you had those women in your life. I work with young people who have dropped out of the mainstream school system and I would love to think that some day I would make this kind of difference in their lives

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I was fortunate to have educators who cared about their students. As years passed I noticed changes in the school system and for whatever reasons teachers began to care less about troubled kids. At age 48 I attended day classes at a local university. I was shocked to hear the professor state he didn’t take attendance and expected them to be present for mid-terms and finals.
      It’s great to know you’ve taken time from your busy schedule to help; they won’t forget your kindness.😊

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