SoCS – February 29th 2020

Today’s prompt:  ‘ect’

For decades home was the suburbs and I the family taxi-driver as residents
couldn’t walk to schools, stores or restaurants.

Twelve years ago I moved back to my hometown (population 16,000) and
later relocated to the historic district in center of town.

My apartment complex borders a park and I was surprised by the amount
of squirrels. They are such nervous critters and from my balcony it was a
source of enjoyment to watch them in action – eating and storing food for
the winter months.

And then along came the fox – several foxes which I assume are the reason
I rarely see squirrels anymore.

If that wasn’t strange enough in recent months town residents began to
catch sight of another animal wandering around – coyote(s),  especially
in the historic district. 

I’d viewed posted pictures and read articles written by both concerned 
parents and pet owners.

And then it happened – a closeup of what looks like a wolf eyes on
me from a distance in the apartment complex’s parking lot.

I didn’t expect to turn around from the garbage bin and find a coyote.

Yesterday was one day I was sure thankful the main key to access the
building didn’t stick in the lock.

Twenty-five years of country living amid other forest animals never
once saw a coyote. I don’t wish to ever be that close in proximity again.

I learned a lesson ‘always expect the unexpected’ wandering thru town.

wolf pic 2 (2)wolf pic (2)

SoCS February 29th 2020













Fibbing Friday: February 28th

30 minutes – race against clock – before Friday becomes Saturday on my calendar – GO!!

Wonderful I type go and the keyboard refuses to type. WONDERFUL – doubtful meet 

this deadline.

  1. Where will you find a windlass?
    Ans: in the weight room at the gym
  2.  What’s the difference between a paddle and an oar?
    Ans: the circumference of the pole
  3.  How do you bore water?
    Ans: carefully
  4.  If 007 has a licence to kill, what do the previous 6 have licences for?
    Ans: (in no particular order) – thought patterns documentation – intentional
    deviations – graphing charts – tactics – immunity – seal of approval to chicken
  5. Why do we have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?
    Ans: Food storage in prep of long wait until Fat Tuesday a.k.a. Mardi Gras
  6.  Why do we say something is ‘dog-eared’ if it’s shabby or tatty?
    Ans: Sounds more pleasing to the ear and much better visual than
    description ‘moth-eaten’
  7.  What color are peacock eggs?
    Ans: Various – depends on the painter
  8.  What is the difference between the Big Dipper and The Plough?
    Ans: The location – US/Canada versus UK/Ireland 
  9.  How do you make Sloe Gin?
    Ans: Ask the bartender to shake well all ingredients for a fizz effect
  10.  Who were The Goons?
    Ans: Relatives of mine – actual considered alien due to RH Negative blood

Fibbing Friday: February 28th

Three Things Challenge – No: 159

Todays’ words: ear – peg – trophy

Thought to self e’er bit late 
Divorce for’er seal own fate

Secrets wish ear ne’er hear
Nor family members’ advice adhere

Trophy for long-term faithful wife
Last chapter life alone amid stress ‘n strife

Today without further adieu
Topic no longer wish write ’bout nor read ‘n review

Forgiveness not always ’bout reconcilation
Colorful peg placed quote on visionary board – sense elation.

Three Things Challenge – No: 159

February 27th – Polar Bear Day

Bear cubs play
Cold ice Artic days

Skillful acrobats
Beware human contact

Ne’er knew Polar bears largest land carnivore
Preference cuddlies stuffed found department store

Today feel out-of-sorts
Void of actual live-in cohort

Imperative send future son-in-law birthday greeting
Discover lots special days cards useful those love tweeting





The Monday Peeve No: 24

Today’s suggested topic: videos

As with most internet searches the problem can be an overabundance of choices.

It bothers me when I plug in a search for an instructional video and those offered

are spoken in a foreign language and translation unavailable.

If fortunate enough to actually find what I’m looking for I face dealing with

rate of speed thus need pause and replay video several times.

I can’t take notes that fast.

Take me back to days of instructional booklets – those I could highlight, 

reference back and no pestering request to pay for a subscription came while

reading them.

My own personal peeve this morn is pop-up ads – you know those which block 

the selected content which ‘you’ desired to read. These suckers come in all 

sizes too – at times a person needs a magnifying glass to find the ‘x’ to

click them off.

Oh, wait – look another ad pops up.

Small wonder people are over-stressed.

The Monday Peeve No: 24

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing”

I think back to elementary school years and a special teacher who took interest in

me and my home life situation. 

By today’s standards I definitely grew up in a dysfunctional family. 

This teacher graduated with me each year as she moved up to teach the next grade.

On Saturdays she held French classes in her home and I was able to attend free of

charge – yes, the poor of the parish with hand-me-down clothes, a father who 

drank away his weekly paycheck leaving only enough money for bare necessities  

and a mother who people referred to as different. 

Years later after graduation from high school I included this teacher on my 

wedding invitation list. 

She did attend the church ceremony; however she passed on the afternoon


For years each Christmas she sent me a beautiful card – inclusive were 

words of encouragement.

I presume she saw in me what I didn’t see within myself – power to succeed

and from best I can recall she wrote ‘never give up on your dreams no matter

your age’.

I managed to accomplish quite a bit within my life amid personal struggles.

In the early 70s while in conversation with the primary builder of my 

marital home I mentioned a dream goal I’d hope to attain in the future.

The man’s response was nearly the same wording as my favorite teacher

from elementary school. 

Sadly dreams don’t always come true; however, I learned to substitute and 

be thankful for that which I was able to accomplish. 

The alternative for my craft shop was a stay-at-home sewing venture that

supplemented my fixed income.

From 10:00 a.m. through 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. I’d sew dancewear and 

custom made-to-order outfits. 

The hand-made items were sold to people I knew, online and at my 

hometown’s yearly craft fair.

In year 2017 totally retired from crunching numbers and sewing for $$ I started

blogging more and during the past few years made some nice virtual friends.

Sitting at the kitchen table this morn eating breakfast I reflected on a few of the

morning reads.

At my age I’m not certain if I wish to continue blogging in hopes of publishing a

book before the Lord calls me home.

Perhaps blogging and being able to place the word ‘writer’ following my name is

as close to being an author that’s in God’s plans. 

It’s not that I’m giving up 100 percent – more like I need to do what makes

me happy.

Thus I have thought of returning to my love of crafts in hopes of earning a

few extra bucks.

Sunday Writing Prompt “Life Changing”