The Monday Peeve No: 19

Politics is not my forte.

At random I’ve chosen to read articles about politicians and now the royals. 

Thought to self = oh well.

Would it be wonderful living celebrity rich with all financial needs met and

part of a huge circle of friends?

It’s doubtful those so popular in the media know who to consider trustworthy.

The majority of days I bypass these same faces – it’s grown tiresome. 

Within my own personal life I’m trying hard to find myself a.k.a. self-awareness.

The one ‘peeve’ that is most bothersome is ‘everyone’ seems to have ‘someone’ while

I stand alone – me, myself and I – a bit like the Holy Trinity.

The inspirations and affirmations are nice to read only the struggle continues with less

hope for a solution.

Ageism isn’t always fun and the Empty Nest Syndrome brings a degree of loneliness.

Learning To Love Myself

The Monday Peeve No: 19

One thought on “The Monday Peeve No: 19

  1. Same boat. My children are adults with happy busy lives, not close by. I am busy and have friends, but… you can’t depend on friends like a partner. They move away (one is planning to move thousands of miles away soon). They meet an SO and fade out of the group. Etc. I enjoy my own company, but it would have been nice to grow old with someone…

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