SoCS: October 17th 2020

Today’s prompt: misspelled word(s)

Auto correct is a great feature until one writes an English word in French. I tend to place

an extra ‘e’ at the end of words or a ‘u’ within which will automatically place a red line

to alert me that I have typed in my second language.

Examples: colorful – colourful / popular – populaire

You may not see the red correction line – I do though and I can either choose to let it go

with the French spelling or correct it back to English.

2 thoughts on “SoCS: October 17th 2020

  1. Ah – colourful is correct in the UK, whereas colorful is the American spelling! Language is so complex sometimes! I work for a large French organisation and I often receive emails that are edited in the French version of Outlook, so that all the English words have that wiggly red line underneath.

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