A-To-Z Challenge: Letter ‘C’

Chosen your project
Access aisles skeins yarn behold
Color charts must-have

Dedicated followers know I enjoy writing Poetry.
I believe the above is called a Senryu via definition: awkward moment
in one’s life.

My personal preference is for pastel colors although on occasion I’ve
dabbled in bright hues.

Listed below are three color combos.

The first is ‘analogous’ – colors next to each other on color wheel.

Second consists of two colors ‘complimentary’ opposite each other
on color wheel.

Third is known as ‘split complementary’ – begin with one color, mark
your complementary color on the color wheel then choose two colors
(one on each side).

A few abbreviations:
Color A: Main Color (MC)
Color B: Contrast Color (CC)

There are numerous hues of basic colors as seen in various dye lots.
When purchasing yarn for your project it’s important to buy enough
skeins of same dye lot. Why? Over a period of time one may discover
a slight change in the shades.

There’s also multi-colored yarn known as variegated which is dyed
different colors. Each section repeats with progression of project.

Today’s picture share is of a Temperature Throw in its beginning
stages. The colors (usually 8 to 10) change with the temperatures
on a crocheter’s pre-designed chart.

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