Send a Card to a Friend Day – Feb. 7th

Greeting cards, the perfect way to say ‘I care’, date back to the 15th century.
Hallmark, founded in 1910, is the largest and oldest greeting card
In this fast-paced digital era we now live in the old-fashioned hand-picked
‘perfect’ card has been replaced by the electronic e-card.
What’s missing?
1. The fun selecting a beautifully designed greeting card specifically for its’
2. Adding special hand-penned wording straight from the heart
3. Decorating an envelope with silly stickers
4. Getting creative selecting postage stamps
Although receiving an e-card (often animated) is welcome, in my opinion tis
doubtful it can wholeheartedly replace the quaintness of the ‘You’ve Got Mail’
physical mailbox experience.

7 thoughts on “Send a Card to a Friend Day – Feb. 7th

    1. Me, too 😊
      On occasion I purchase thé now quite expensive Hallmark cards with rewards ‘Extra Bucks’ earned from purchases at my pharmacy. Other times I opt to buy cards from The Dollar Store.
      Forever Old School 🤗

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